33 thoughts on “Selling happiness!?

  1. ^ – ^ when I was a child, my parents often bought me balloons (in tradistional shape – one color) whenever I went to the doctor (since I yelled like a dinosaur – I guess :p ).

    I loved my balloons so well ,since my parents didn’t allow me to have any pet (until last year > – <) , I painted animals on my balloons and my dream came true (in a very temporary way) ^ – ^
    I had a cat/dog/bird/bug/elephant/dinosaur/bunny/even a little brother :)) …for my own.

    Children at my place now don't like this kind of thing any more, they have various of auto and high tech toys, I really have no idea what they may miss when somedays they grow up and think abt their childhoods, for me, a balloon is just fine, so fine ^ – ^ may god bless these dream sellers !

    1. that’s so nice .. I remember my childhood, when me and my friends were sooo happy having some of those pokemon cards, with a lollipop and a gum (all in one package), or a little walkman, or playing with chalk, or just running around like crazy in the neighbourhood.. Now, kids don’t like anything but iPhones, fancy toys and so on. They even watch that crap named wrestling.. They don’t watch Jackie Chan or other “heroes” from our generation. The generations nowadays are heading to a very very wrong direction..

      1. ^ – ^ it was just like yesterday when we spent all the time watching pokemon, doremon ,digimon ,disney ‘s cartoon (not disney channel πŸ™‚ ) ,yu-gi-oh , and then used all the money we had to buy cards or dolls (my case ^ – ^ ), it’s a little bit suprise to know that you guys do love pokemon, too, I like chamander and vulpix the most ,how about you, Cristian ^ – ^ ?

        I can still remember – In front of my elementary school’s gate, there were many vendors with various wonderful things : comics for rent, sorbet with syrup, chicks ,ducklings and even crickets ,colorful cotton candy, balloons , soup with eggs and chicken, bread (with meat or fried egg filling) , sticky rice … Oh , I do miss my dreamy (and yummy) childhood !

        yup , beside Jackie Chan’s funny action movie (it’s said that the “Chinese Zodiac” will be his last movie 😦 ), I also had Charmed ,Little House on the Prairie, Sabrina – the teenage witch , Hongkong’s dramas , even the ring (OMG) – as my favorite movie list ever ^ v ^

        I really have no idea with the change of the younger generation ( even I have living this life for abt 23 years ),you know, may be we don’t understand, but we should find the way to except that life had changed, everything had changed ^ – ^

        they may find it’s catching up the life ‘s speed or something like that, trying new thing is somehow kind of fun,and they have their choices -as long as those choices makes them happy ,it’s fine ,but if they over-sinking in high tech, consider marterial matter too much ,living with eyes and ears only , and deny all of those things which had ages only to prove how trendy they are – it will be trully the dark side of being a new-morden-human !

        in short, really wish they could have the childhood like we did ^ – ^

    1. yeah.. unfortunately, people are more and more sad, parents aren’t so much fun anymore (at least not as much as they should be), people are poor(most of them) and, in consequence, they are “tired” of making time for something else besides surviving. That’s to bad that people can’t afford to have little moments of joy anymore..

      1. I know. And it’s not only in Romania, it’s all over. People are just sad. That’s why it’s important to know who Jesus Christ is, know how to pray and know how to be content in whatever state you find yourself in. πŸ™‚

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