The meaning of “home”

Just sad.. Too sad .. 😦

12 thoughts on “The meaning of “home”

  1. It doesn’t feel right ‘liking’ this but it’s a great emotional shot – very sad.
    How do you feel taking this kind of photo? Subjects like this makes very powerful images but I feel a bit ‘voyeuristic’, almost as though I’m taking advantage of someone who is already down ….

    1. It is, indeed, very sad! It’s never nice to see people in this kind of stance, but this, though, is my way of saying that I’m sorry for them and that I want other people to see what world we live in. Yes, you might be right about “taking advantage”, but as I said, it’s just about compassion ..Thank you for commenting!

  2. and a sadder part of it some police officer will come along and push her off and say you can’t sleep here, okay where then mr police man? shelters? most are usually full and dont take day sleepers do they? homeless are treated like trash by the authorities and it should not be that way. I read some cases of police tearing down tents of the homeless (who are homeless from loisng their homes after losing their jobs) and stealing them from them and pushing them out. shameful. now I ask you what do you suppose Jehovah’s angels are thinking when they see this? barbaric.

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