Black and white vs colour. Sadness through the lens…

More or less dramatic … I have that feeling of “we all come and go someday”… For me, they are both “dramatic”, but I like the b&w more. Which one do you prefer?

22 thoughts on “Black and white vs colour. Sadness through the lens…

  1. The black and white image seems to convey more emotion and stirs a stronger feeling for me. gets my vote

  2. If you’re photographing in colour, you show the colour of their clothes. If you use black & white, you will show the colour of their soul.

  3. That is often a tough question!
    I think that a photo is always better in black and white but sometimes the colours have to big of a meaning for the purpose of the shot.
    BUT colors could also be a distraction…

  4. I’ve been having this conversation for more than forty years and I still find it difficult to convey how I feel about it. Shooting in black and white requires a different ‘eye’. When you see an excellent black and white shot you recognise it straight away but the photographer had to ‘see’ it before you did. A lot of young photographers think that it is just a case of turning the colour down on their computer in the editing phase, obviously it’s not.
    The ‘sadness’ is amplified in your shot in the black and white version.
    There are times when colour is a distraction and there are times when colour is the whole point of the shot.
    When I started out black and white was a conscious decision because that was the type of film you put in your camera, these days everyone has a choice.
    I’ve been at it for so long I see through black and white ‘eyes’ and I turn the colour ‘on’ when the shot says I should.
    Love your stuff.

    1. Thank you very much for your words, Terry! I appreciate it and you are right! Unfortunately, I don’t have a DSLR, I have a digital camera, so I don’t go through many many settings in the camera before shooting 🙂 If I see a photo(colour) and it says to me that it should be b&w, I turn it to b&w in photoshop. That way, I can add that “dramatic drop” that I want to add 🙂 Much respect also for you and your long time work! I hope I’ll get myself a DSLR someday… (you know, it’s about 400 euros at least.. and the medium salary here is about 200 euros) 🙂

      1. Don’t worry about the DSLR. It’s photographer that takes the photo. About half of my favourite shots in recent times have come off my phone! My digital camer is !0 years old……. still works fine….. doesn’t do everything I would like it to do but, like you I must count my pennies.
        Your current equipment is serving you very well.

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