Photographic journal – Brașov

Ok, guys! I’ve been “gone” for a while, but now I’m back fresher than ever!:) I’ve been travelling to Brașov, Moeciu de Jos and Peștera village with my girlfriend and I thought some memories wouldn’t do any harm 😀 So, I took lots of photos and now I am sharing some of them with you. First, I will show you some captures from Brașov, a very very beautiful city – from my perspective -, a city which has a great historical meaning for Romania. Anyway, words are not enough, so.. enjoy the “walk”! 🙂

Strada Sforii (String’s street)

I follow you, sweetheart! 🙂

View over Brașov, from the aerial tramway

On Tâmpa mountain

11 thoughts on “Photographic journal – Brașov

  1. Reblogged this on Ortus et occasus and commented:
    După cum v-am promis, iată, revin cu fotografii din mini-vacanța despre care vă povesteam în articolul precedent. Pentru moment, sunt doar fotografii din Brașov. Mai târziu oleacă, vă voi arăta și fotografii din Moeciu de Jos și satul Peștera 🙂 Enjoy!

  2. I love Brasov! Your pictures took me right back. We stayed in a small hotel facing the town center and enjoyed shopping at the farmers market. The black church is also so beautiful. It’s a wonderful town.

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